The surrogate mother of the underworld president.
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He Muxia put down the dough in his hand and looked at her. "Qin Zixin, have you said enough?" Strange oneself clearly did not open his mouth, who said? He Muxia turned his head and saw that Wang Chentian was standing in the doorway, glaring at them. Wang Chentian pulled He Muxia behind her. "Qin Zixin, get out of here!" Qin Zixin smiled, "Chen Tian.". You didn't have that attitude when you begged me not to go, and now I won't go, it's your aunt who asked me to live in your house! I want to help you find the feeling of the past! He Muxia was behind Wang Chentian, unable to see his expression. The third chapter is the Wang family in danger. Wang Chentian pulled He Muxia out of the kitchen and came to Wang Yanqin. "Aunt, did you let Qin Zixin live here?" Wang Yanqin cut her nails carelessly, "Yes!"! I let her stay here, okay? Zixin's father is your father's business partner and a big customer of our company. Now her whole family is in the United States. What's wrong with me letting her stay here and take care of her? Wang Chen said, "Aunt, you know." He Muxia pulled Wang Chentian, "if you are taking care of me, then there is no need for me to have any idea." Wang Chentian looked at He Muxia, she. Won't you be angry? Or does she not care about her own affairs at all? She doesn't have any feelings for herself? He Muxia tried to make herself smile, she did not want to be a stumbling block to his happiness. Wang Yanqin laughed. "Look, you're oversensitive. Even your wife doesn't care. What do you care about?" Wang Chentian squeezed two words out of his teeth, "Whatever!" He turned and went upstairs. When Wang Chen went upstairs, He Muxia turned to Qin Zixin. "Sister Qin, I don't know why,juice filling machine, when I first saw your picture, I thought we were familiar. I really welcome you to come.". It's not that I haven't thought about what you told me just now, but. I can't decide this matter, everything. Listen to the arrangement of the minister. He Muxia said and smiled at Qin Zixin. Qin Zixin felt that this girl was very incredible, knowing that she and Wang Chentian's relationship, unexpectedly did not care at all! Originally thought that only to provoke her, she would make a scene, he took advantage of this gap to comfort Wang Chentian and she did the opposite thing, to please Wang Chentian, but did not expect that she would be so calm. Will this girl be a strong opponent for her? Qin Zixin doesn't know 。 He Muxia went up to the second floor and pushed open the room belonging to her and Wang Chentian, who was lying on the floor of the study-he had been sleeping like this since he got married. He Muxia sat beside him, "Epilepsy brother, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, what are you doing? Now the person you like is back. Why do you put on an old K face?" Wang Chentian squinted at He Muxia. This woman really didn't understand his mind at all. Even if there was something wrong with her before, now it's not for your divorce, but also specially come back to you, you can tell me what plan you have, I can leave at any time, as long as you pay the penalty! Ha ha ha Wang Chentian suddenly sat up, "He Muxia, did I tell you the importance of my son?"? Now my grandfather's life is uncertain, I don't want to worry about anything else, I just want to find my grandfather! Besides, Qin Zixin and I are already a passing cloud, we are no longer possible! From the moment she abandoned me to be with Qian Shiyue, it was impossible for us. He Muxia was stunned, "Brother Epilepsy." "Can you leave me alone?" Wang Chen gave the order to leave the world. He Muxia stood up and opened the door. She went to the door and turned her back to Wang Chentian. "Epilepsy brother, I mean it. If my existence is an obstacle for you.". I can leave without any complaint. Then he closed the door gently. Wang Chentian threw the pillow on the door, He Muxia, do you really have no feelings for me? Wang Yanqin pulled Qin Zixin into his room and lowered his voice, "Zixin, how about this leprechaun?" Qin Zixin shook his head, "a woman's intuition tells me that she loves Chen Tian as much as I do, but from her relationship with me and Chen Tian.". She is so indifferent again. I don't know. What kind of medicine did she buy. ” How does Wang Yanqin think that He Muxia is not the kind of mysterious role Qin Zixin said, she pulled Qin Zixin, "Don't worry so much, let's get rid of the evil seed in her stomach first, there will be no worries, I think it's because this child is reluctant to be with her!" "Auntie!"! What are you talking about? If they find out, you and I will be in trouble! Don't you see the importance Grandma attaches to this child? "Don't worry, as long as we do it watertight, who can know that we did it?" "What do you want to do?" Wang Yanqin smiled but did not speak. Li Jingwen drove Wang Yifeng on his way home in a Mercedes Benz. Wang Yifeng's lazy voice came from the back seat of the car. "Jingwen, you did a good job today. The acquisition of the American market has been unsuccessful for several months. Now you have won it in a few words. You really deserve to be my son.". Hey, I still want to thank your mother. If your grandmother hadn't threatened me with hanging, I'd be home. I won't be separated from your mother, and I won't let you suffer so much! But now that I've finally found you, our family is finally reunited. Li Jingwen looked at Wang Yifeng from the rearview mirror in the car. He was immersed in memories. Li Jingwen could not help but secretly increase the strength of his hands on the steering wheel. The man who destroyed his mother's life was his father. He was now recounting his past with his mother in such a prosaic tone. Li Jingwen frowned. Wang Yifeng did not notice the difference between Li Jingwen and continued, "Jingwen, you are 18 years old, do you have a girlfriend now?"? Or is there a girl you like? Bring it home to play. Dad is not feudal at this point. Is it because of your "non-feudalism" that led to the tragedy of two women? Li Jingwen darkened his face. "There is one,liquid bottle filling machine, but now she has been taken away by a bastard." Jingwen is so handsome, how can a girl be so blind? Who is that bastard? Dad will teach him a lesson for you. It is your precious son, Wang Chentian!.

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