The water of the waves
نوشته شده توسط : Guido van

Dong Liu sat on the bed and read the newspaper. Suddenly he threw the newspaper over and said, "Look, look.". Be careful outside and don't offend anyone, or the safety of our family will not be guaranteed. I have already read this piece of news. It is about the case of a local political and legal committee secretary in Henan who hired a murderer. I said, "Where is it?"? Don't freak out and scare yourself. She said, What if? I mean, what if? It doesn't matter if you do it to me. If you do it to me, I can't stand it. Then I'm dead. I said, "I don't know how many guts these people have and how many grains of shit they can pull out."? Your associations are too rich. She said, "a few years ago, someone wrote an anonymous letter to tell you that you had a style problem. It was written by someone from the Department of Chemical Industry."? These people are still lurking around you, people are still there, the heart is not dead, as for what way he took you do not know. Now society is progressing by leaps and bounds. Writing anonymous letters is what a gentleman does. Last year, a deputy county magistrate in Guangdong hired someone to kill the county magistrate. Now there is an accident in Henan. He is also the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. If he wants to come, he should catch the murderer. Hearing what she said, I felt that I had lost the ability to grasp the world. Did I misunderstand the world at ordinary times? It's true that these things have never been heard of before, and the world doesn't know what went wrong. After a while, I jumped out of the horrible atmosphere set by Dong Liu and returned to normal thinking,bottle blowing machine, saying: "No one can scare you except yourself, but if you want to scare yourself, no one can save you." "Then I have to be careful," she said. "I'll go to work late these days and send Yibo to school." Having made the final decision, I said to Feng Qile, "The reform is too vigorous. I'm afraid everyone can't stand it for a while. I think it's safer to proceed step by step. What do you think?" He said: "Take your time, take your time,PET bottle Mold, finish the job in one battle, not to mention that everyone can't stand it, even I can't stand it.". Am I behind the times? I reached a tacit understanding with him, and I spoke to Qiu Liyuan again. He said: "Director Chi, you are determined to reform, and I am still in favor of it. There are only a few places that I think it is better to adjust. You say take your time, so let's take our time.". When you give the order to speed up, I'm sure I can keep up with it. I looked at his smiling face and thought, who can see his thoughts from his face? This face has been well tempered for decades. I'm a little embarrassed to tell Lu Jianfei what to say. The turn was too big and too hasty, and it was not easy for him to step down. I said step by step, he said: "I listen to all the arrangements in the hall, I will not act without authorization.". If the hall says go, I'll go. If it says stop, Beverage packing machine ,CSD filling line, I'll stop. I said, "Do you have any ideas?" He says: "The idea, have is that kind of thing, what says in the hall, everybody still can listen." I comforted him and said, "You are very cooperative with the work in the hall this time, and the hall is also very satisfied." He shook his head and said: "We'll do whatever we want in the hall. We don't want merit, but we want no fault. Heh heh." Say again: "I did not pass that material, also prepare to delete inside computer.". It's just that the matter was specifically operated by Xiao Gong and several of them. It may have spread out, but it didn't go out from me. I'd like to ask the director to explain it to you at an appropriate time. What happened later was not as embarrassing as I expected. After I turned around, every office was still very supportive of my work, and my words were still smart. As long as I do not touch their roots, they will not want to rebel, a "pool director", shouting hot and intoxicating. I think these comrades are actually good comrades, and it is understandable that they have a little shortcoming and a little selfishness. As long as I don't cross the line, why should I be serious? If you don't go to the black area, it will be good. If you don't let the gray area go, let them run? The regulations passed at the Workers'Congress still adopted several opinions, such as not being able to travel by air without special circumstances, such as drafting documents without going to hotels, and completing them in the hall. At my insistence, the retirement treatment of office-level cadres was cancelled, which gave me a little face. The matter was over, and the masses did not have much reaction. If they want to talk about it, they can talk about it. It doesn't matter. Think about it, there is no possibility of success in this big move, and the people in the hall are also half-hearted. I was forced by the situation and had to lower my head, just as I had lowered my head eight years ago. Besides, the top will support me? After reading the material, I made a comprehensive consideration of the matter and had a clear understanding. The top authorities shouted loudly that government affairs should be made public. That was for Beijing. Can you take it seriously? There are some words that people can't say, and they can't say seriously. The gray area is not so wide when they recognize the truth, and the taste of sitting there is not so strong. Come to think of it, you can't scold anyone for being a double-faced person. Everyone can't help it. This situation can't be broken by anyone who wants to break it. Everyone is trying to play their own roles. The words spoken at the small meeting of the conference are all the role language on the scene. Just speak frankly and passionately. There is really no need to be thin-skinned and feel that the psychological endurance is not enough. The language of the characters has nothing to do with reality, and it is full of black humor to think about it. There are many humorists and big players in our life. Now I'm one of them. Forty-two, everything. If it was a few years ago, I absolutely can not imagine that Dong Liu lived in such a house now, but also said "not a day to live". At that time, looking at Ding Xiaohuai's suite with two bedrooms and one living room, it was like heaven. There will never be a peak when people go to any mountain and sing any song. She talked several times a day about the building that was being built. Although no one in the hall said that it was assigned to the director, everyone called it so. Later, someone called the building Sesame House,water filling machine, meaning that Sesame officials would also seek benefits for themselves. People look at us as leaders in this way, which is really chilling. I wish I could be an example, but I can't live in it and let everyone see. It's wrong to assume that I am Chi Dawei. I'm different from others. I can't look at me in such a vulgar way.

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