Wangfu Wangzi Through Farming (1-161)
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"" Autumn Equinox ? " Mo Xin smiled and greeted the girl who was coming towards her. She was a real girl. "Mo Xin, is this your new friend?"? Eh? Are you Zhang Hanlu's sister? Very modest expression, soft voice, but the kind of "I am a senior" hidden in the appearance of the proud let the Minor Cold is very uncomfortable, if the Minor Cold is really a child, but at this time, her heart a block, after all, is the same school sister, also can't offend, smile to reply, "yes, I am Zhang Xiaohan, Autumn Equinox sister good," looked into the distance, "my mother looking for me, I won't disturb your sisters. I'll go first. Mo Xin was a little strange about this, but he didn't ask. He just said, "We'll talk about it after we worship the Patriarch tomorrow." "Well, well, I'll go back and ask my mother, and we'll get the news tomorrow." The Minor Cold waved to both of them and left. To find the eldest brother and the second brother? P > Stealing the spring? '? Ran ? Yi Shuo ? Braised Mandarin orange ?? Talk ? Midges ? Wu ? Ji Ben Ji Zou Dou Ψ Ke Zheng? Reef gingiva reeling barn ? Collapse ?? Hang ? Tuan Chou Ya Sled Milk Chou ? Toad Tuan Pan ? Huang Qi ? Pancreas ??p> The Minor Cold asked the eldest brother a few questions about the layout of the formation, and flew out along the hillside. However,Vegetable oil filling machine, because he was thinking about the mystery of the formation, the flying machine flew very low, only a foot away from the ground. As it flew, the Minor Cold sneezed, and his brain jumped out of the formation-how could it taste like pepper? If the smell wasn't so strong that she sneezed, the Minor Cold wouldn't have noticed it. She stopped the aircraft. "What is this?" "This is pepper, a kind of Chinese medicine." Cold Dew was not asked because he had dabbled in all kinds of books in private schools. "Among the common people, it is specially used to cure the disease of worms in the stomach. It is of no great use to us practitioners." "So there is pepper?" Minor Cold was surprised,juice filling machine, "its fruit can also be used as seasoning if it is ground into powder, which can be used as passion fruit powder, and the mother can also taste the spicy taste." "Really?" Cold Dew Zheng Zheng, "but this bell medicine contains heat poison, mortals will use it to fight insects, and after using this medicine, after the insects come down, but also another boiled bean soup detoxification, can it really be used as seasoning?"? Maybe it's no problem for the demon clan to eat, but will it be a problem for us practitioners to eat? "When making seasoning, the amount is very small, to grind into powder to impurities can be used, and each time only put a little," Minor Cold thought, "and this kind of seasoning is used to pickle seafood, is the best seasoning in addition to the fishy smell, water bottle packaging machine ,PET blowing machine, do not believe you get a little back to try." "Here?" The Cold Dew shook his head. "Why don't you go to Doctor Sun's and scoop it up? At least it's clean." "But doesn't the pepper used to make medicine have to be brewed?"? If it's soaked, it can't be used as seasoning. The Minor Cold shook his head. "It's up to You. We can eat passion fruit powder anyway. I saw it and remembered it." " With a wry smile and a gentle gesture, the Cold Dew made a thick layer of pepper particles on the ground. The top layer was lifted off. The middle part flew up and put it into a porcelain bottle. "Let's go back and have a try. I don't know if there will be any problems for us to eat." "If you can eat it, just ask Dr. Sun or Mr. Jun." The Minor Cold gave him a white look. "Take your time to study it. I'll go back first. I want to go back and try what you said just now. By the way, if you can eat it, I'll give you some recipes later. We'll try it tonight." "If mother can really eat spicy, then we can put passion fruit powder in the future." Cold Dew smiled and pointed out the sister's intentions, "well, I'll go and ask." Minor Cold the flying lotus platform moved again, but apparently after being interrupted, she no longer continued to ponder the array on the aircraft, "eldest brother, did you hear how Niang said to the Sun family before?"? Oh, yeah, you know what? Our future second aunt is Sun Huiliang's youngest daughter. ” "Is it?"? No wonder my mother and aunt were so polite. "Zhang Hanlu raised her eyebrows." I heard them say that when Miss Sun's mother and sister-in-law came back, they would hold an engagement banquet. It was said that time was tight. After the engagement banquet, their father and son would go out to travel. " "Oh." Minor Cold nodded his head. "Brother, it seems that there are quite a few spiritual practitioners like Mr. Jun here today. It seems that there are quite a few people in Zhang Village who have married spirits. I have to admit that they are really beautiful. They are like celestial beings. Brother, can you?" "Be fascinated by beauty, estimates that only your second brother will." Cold Dew, "I pay more attention to the character of the heart, but, then again, from Mr. Jun's point of view, the elite women, the heart is very simple." "So it's still possible for my eldest brother to marry a sperm to be my sister-in-law?" The tone of the Minor Cold was teasing. I just don't deny all the possibilities. "Zhang Hanlu raised her eyebrows." No one knows who is predestined with me. However, it is said that the elite are very casual in fertility. As long as they have enough spiritual power, they can have many children. Your idea is not bad. I like children very much. " "Wow, then I wish you marry the most beautiful classmate in the village school." Xiao Han grinned and joked with his brother. I will, well, home, "the Cold Dew pulled the Minor Cold," tell me how to use the pepper first, or you won't come out as soon as you enter the exercise room, how can I tell my mother? " "Oh, well," the Minor Cold thought, "pepper and a little wine rub on the fish, marinate for a while, then wash and sprinkle some salt, the steamed fish will not be so fishy." After talking about the use of pepper in cooking, Minor Cold went into the exercise room. Tut, she needed time to think about the formations that Big Brother had just pointed out, and then set up her own formations to verify them. It would really take a lot of time. Tut, in a previous life, I heard people talking about playing Zen, but now I know that there is a reason, just like when she raised the puzzlement of the array, the eldest brother never answered directly, but gave a few array for her to study, because the eldest brother's answer is only his own identification,water filling machine, no one can be sure that his identification is correct, the way of practice, everyone has to find out the mystery.. 101。

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