Harry Potter 5-Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix _ j.k. Rowling _ txt novel paradise
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"Wand!" The wizard in the safe place muttered, setting down the golden device and holding out his hand. Harry handed over his wand. The wizard placed the wand on a strange brass instrument that resembled a dish of varying proportions. The instrument began to vibrate. A narrow strip of parchment came out from the bottom of the instrument. The wizard picked up the parchment and read the words. Eleven inches, the axis of the phoenix feather, has been used for four years. Is the information correct? "Yes," Harry replied nervously. "I'll keep this," the wizard said, hammering the little piece of parchment onto a small copper nail. "You take the wand back," he added, tossing it to Harry. Thank you "Wait.." The wizard said slowly. His glasses darted from the visitor's badge on Harry's chest to his forehead. "Thank you, Eric," Mr. Weasley said steadily. He grabbed Harry by the shoulder and led him out of safety, rejoining the army of wizards and witches who shuttled between the golden gates. The crowd was a little crowded, and Harry followed Mr. Weasley through a few doors to a smaller hall farther away, where at least twenty gold-latticed elevators were working. Harry and Mr. Weasley joined a group of people waiting for the elevator. Next to them stood the bearded wizard, holding a huge cardboard box, which made a disturbing noise. How are you, Arthur? The wizard nodded to Mr. Weasley. What are you carrying, Bob? Asked Mr. Weasley, looking at the box. "I'm not sure," the wizard said seriously. "I thought it was just a chicken that fit the criteria, but now it's starting to spit fire.". It seems that I have seriously violated the prohibition of experimental breeding. No, is it true that a newborn phoenix is not as good as a chicken? This can also be mistaken. This man has already perfected his black learning. With a loud noise, an elevator stopped in front of them; the golden latticed door opened, and Harry and Mr. Weasley followed the others into the elevator. Harry found himself squeezed against the back wall. Several wizards and witches eyed him curiously; he looked down at his feet to avoid anyone's view, and as he did so,ultrasonic molten metal, the bangs on his forehead fell. The latticed door slammed shut and slowly began to climb, the elevator chains clicking as the same female voice Harry had heard in the booth sounded again. The seventh floor, the Department of Magic Games and Sports, the headquarters of the British and Irish Quidditch Cooperative League, the office billiard club, and the Magic Toy Patent Office. The elevator door opened. Harry glimpsed a cluttered corridor with all kinds of Quidditch advertisements pinned up on the wall. Inside the elevator, a wizard with a broomstick squeezed out of the elevator and disappeared into the corridor. The door closed, the elevator climbed trembling again, and this time the female voice announced: "Level 6, Magical Transport, Frodo Transport Network Cooperation Center, Broomstick Adjustment Control, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic generator driver, Porky's Office, and Transmission Test Center." Again, the elevator doors opened, and four or five wizards and witches went out; meanwhile, several paper airplanes rushed into the elevator. Harry stared at the paper airplanes as they fluttered leisurely overhead, all mauve and with a Ministry of Magic postmark on the edge of their wings. "It's just internal mail," Mr. Weasley told Harry softly. "We usually use owls, but the amount of mail is unbelievable." They're all over my desk. As they climbed, the internal mail hovered around the ceiling lights. Level 5: International Magical Cooperation, International Magical Trade Standards Cooperation Office, International Magical Law Office, and the UK Branch of the International Magic Federation. When the elevator door opened, two pieces of internal mail and several wizards went out, but several pieces of internal mail flew in, so the lights above their heads flickered on and off. "Level 4, Magical Creature Regulations and Control, Magical Creature Cooperation, Body and Soul Separation Office (introduced in the previous book, specifically referring to the rescue agency for those who use teleportation magic improperly to cause body and soul separation), Goblin Liaison Office, and Pet Advisory Center." "Here we are." The wizard with the spitfire got out of the elevator with a few pieces of internal mail. The elevator door closed again. The third level, the Department of Magical Accidents and Disasters, includes the Office of Magical Disaster Reversal, the Rescue Command, and the Muggle Protection Council. On this floor, everyone got out of the elevator except Harry, Mr. Weasley, and a wizard who was reading a long piece of parchment in the elevator. When the elevator went up again, the remaining internal mail was still hovering around the ceiling lamp. Then the elevator door opened again, and the female voice announced. The second level, the Magic Ordinance Enforcement Division, contains the Office of Inappropriate Use of Magic, the Auror Command, and the Office of Magic Item Maintenance Management. "This is it, Harry," said Mr. Weasley. They got out of the elevator with the wizard and came to a corridor with a row of doors. My office is on the other side of this floor. "Mr. Weasley," said Harry as they passed a sunlit window, "aren't we still underground?" "Yes, we're underground," said Mr. Weasley. "Those are magic windows. It's up to the magic maintenance department to decide what the weather is every day. We had two months of hurricane weather during the last time they asked for a raise.. Turn this way, Harry. They turned a corner,ultrasonic dispersion machine, passed two thick oak doors, and emerged into a noisy open area divided into separate rooms, full of conversation and laughter. Internal mail shuttles back and forth like a miniature rocket. Above the nearest cubicle hung a sign askew: Auror Command. fycgsonic.com

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