Only the wind knows the answer.
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We drove through Cannes in two cars. People get out of the way. The car pulled over to the side of the road. We went through the red light. I sat next to Russel. La Clos sat next to the driver. We were in the first car. The second car was full of policemen. We sped through the quiet streets of the noble town of Warragh. To Herman's house, a high wall, with nails and wire on it. That's the gate to the entrance of the park. Two cars squeaked to a halt. The janitor, whom I already knew, came out of his cabin. He was again dressed in a white uniform with metal buttons and a gold ribbon. Our driver honked his horn. The doorman gave him a sign to get off. He won't let any cars in. I say "Oh, yes," said Laclos sullenly. "Wait a minute." He jumped out of the car and hurried to the door, showing his work certificate to the doorman and shouting at him. I couldn't understand what he was shouting, but it must have been quite threatening. When Laclos walked back to the car and sat back in his seat, the doorman opened the door in fright. Stupid dog! He said. The driver started up again. The second car followed. We drove past parks of palm, fir, cypress and olive trees. We pass through a tunnel of leaves, which is sometimes made up of the tree rights of ancient trees. The stone benches, the angel statues and the broken statues,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and the swimming pool, which had no water in it. I had seen the flower-bed at the entrance, and the sprinklers were turning as before, forming a rainbow in the hot sun. Our car rustled to a halt on the stones. We walked quickly past the pillar to the door. The door is closed. A heavy metal ring hung from the door. La Crosse slaps on the door with it and keeps slapping. A few seconds later, another servant appeared-also dressed in white. Policeman Cried Laclos. The doorman called. The man stammered, "This." What's going on here? You mustn't make so much noise here,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, my gentlemen. Madam is not in good health. It's not good. "Where is she?" "In bed, in her room." "You take us there!" But I can't do that. Will fire me. No one fired you. Go, go, go! La Clos shouted at him. Then we came to the hall. I saw the detectives jump out of the second car and run around the house. There was only one man behind us. From behind the doors of the hall, the curious faces of the staff looked out. Go upstairs Laclos said. We went up quickly, from Rubens, Botticelli, Al? Greco Vermeer? Fan ? A portrait of Delft and a huge tapestry pass by. 。 I smelled many flowers in the room again. An ivory statue illuminated by a lamp in a cave in the wall. We ran down the second floor corridor, up and down three steps twice on the second floor, past many rooms. Confused, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the servant knocked on the door of the drawing-room, which I was already familiar with. A maid I didn't know opened the door. These gentlemen.. The servant spoke, but Laclos simply pushed him aside. Where is Madame? Is it in her room? He hurried to her bedroom door. When the door opened, he was almost at the door. Diamond Ilde stood in the doorframe like a horrible ghost in a daydream. She was wearing a rosy embroidered morning dress. Her wig slipped a little again, and her face was smooth and white. This time Diamond Ilde wore a classical diamond necklace and a ring with a large diamond in the center, another ring with a large pearl and two other larger diamonds. As her wig went this way back to the front, I noticed a pigmentation of shriveled, yellowed skin behind Ilde's ear. The beautician tightens the skin on the face and pulls the excess skin behind the ears, where it forms scars, which is how they are formed. Her pink morning clothes were matched with Ilde's pink eyes, and she stared at us angrily. How brazen it is! Inspector Laclos, you can rest assured that you will be dismissed today! You have you, Mr. Lucas, I'll call Dusseldorf right away! "I thought I was supposed to find out for you who killed your brother." I say. "Aha, shut up, you fool!" She cried, and then said to the tall Russel, "And you, sir, I'll let you …" "You can't do anything." "You must stop shouting at me," said Russel. We didn't come here for no reason. Are you not well, madam? "You can see that." Diamond Ilde waddles. I can't tell if it's real or if it's fake. I feel very uncomfortable. "Where is your nurse?" "Anna?" Yes, Anna. Where is she? "I don't understand." "What does that mean?" I fell asleep again after breakfast. You woke me up now. I saw Anna in the morning. She went to her room. I usually wake up at seven. It's only three o'clock. Laclos asked the maid, "Where is the nurse's room?" "On the third floor, sir." "Please take us up." "You can't do that!" Diamond Ilde said in a dumb voice, "Do you have a search warrant?" "No," said Laclos quietly. "We don't care. Quick, please do what the inspector tells you, or you will be in trouble. He said to the maid. Still hesitating, she looked at Diamond Ilde for help. All right, you go ahead. The hateful voice said, "But I'll go with you." "I thought you were very uncomfortable." I say Do you know, Mr. Lucas? She suddenly spoke like a fisherwoman. "Please mind your own business!"! Go,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, please hold me! She took my arm. We went out of the hallway onto a marble staircase that led to the third floor. The corridor up here is lower, and the door is not so high. Here it is. Said the maid. Russel knocked at the door. Mrs. Anna! No response. Mrs. Anna, please open the door! We are the police! There was no sound. Could she have escaped? I whispered to Laclos.

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