Xiaolang's Unique Skill-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise
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Lu Xiaolang smiled, "Don't try to be brave, that's right!"! Sister Zhuang, how did your "Soul Chasing Poison Kiss Power" fail? As he spoke, he gently tried to wipe it for her. Lian Zhuang understood that his sweetheart was worried about his shyness. Deliberately changed the subject, sweet in the heart, said softly: "Lang elder brother, the master has called me" solution "," Oh! That's wonderful! Two people pull far and wide, after Lian Zhuang puts on the clothes, got out of bed to walk slowly a few steps to say: "I should go, I will wait for you in the pine forest poison house all the time, you must come!" Lu Xiaolang nodded. Lian Zhuang said softly, "Take care." He had gone out of the window. It was already the fourth watch. Lu Xiaolang also left. He came to the eight islands of Changshan. Yu Wenkang, the "Overlord of Two Swords", once said that Mr. Tongtianke had left the eight islands of Changshan and arrived in Luoyang. So these days, he ran all over the streets and alleys of Luoyang and visited all the hotels. The soles of his shoes were worn out and his knees were sore, but there was still no result. Today is the Double Ninth Festival,ultrasonic metal welding, Lu Xiaolang hopes that a miracle will happen here, but there are so many people, and he has never met Mr. Tongtianke, even if the two sides pass by him, he may not recognize them. Then he thought of Xu Xia, a girl in green, if she was there. Thinking of her,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Lu Xiaolang gritted his teeth. For her sake, he killed Zhao San for no reason, and made Zhao Lan, the daughter of Zhao San, wander around the world with hatred. It made her feel even more ashamed. Suddenly, a sound of "reporting to you" came to his ears. Lu Xiaolang looked up and saw a middle-aged physiognomist coming towards him. The physiognomist was about forty years old, with a comely appearance, and his right hand was shaking "to report to you.". In his left hand, he held a piece of cloth with two lines of words written on it: "I know everything about fortune and misfortune." Lu Xiaolang's heart moved and he said silently: "I know everything." Is it possible that..? As soon as he thought about it, he walked toward the physiognomist. Lu Xiaolang walked up to the physiognomist. Shuangfeng arched and said, "This master, I'd like to ask you.." When the physiognomist saw that there was business coming, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic cutting machine, he hurriedly inserted the cloth into the ground. The "Bao Jun Zhi" in his hand also stopped shaking. He rolled over his eyelids and said, "Does Xianggong want divination?" Lu Xiaolang carefully noticed the look of the other side, not like a man in the martial arts world. Half disappointed in his heart, he was stunned for a moment and said, "I would like to ask the direction of a pedestrian." "Yes," said Xiangtu repeatedly. As he spoke, he took out three coins and squatted on the ground. He threw himself on the bluestone slab beside the road. After a while, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is it a man or a woman?" Lu Xiaolang said. Female The physiognomist muttered, "That's strange!"! "The hexagram says that the person Xianggong is looking for is clearly related to Xianggong." Lu Hsiao-lang's heart moved and he said quietly, "Where are you going to look for it?" After chanting for a while, Xianggong slowly shook his head and said, "This man is so hidden that you can't even see it on the hexagram." Lu Xiaolang thought that he might have met a physiognomist in Jianghu. He said lightly, "Then forget it!" The physiognomist moved the money array and suddenly said, "Let me find it out, but.." "Where is she?" Asked Lu Xiaolangxin. The physiognomist said slowly, "Where is she?" The physiognomist shook his head slowly and said, "That relative doesn't want to see you. It's useless to tell you. Just don't say it.". Lu Xiaolang laughed secretly, but he didn't want to make trouble for him. He went to Jianghu to make a living. Therefore, Lu Xiaolang said with a faint smile, "Thank you for your guidance. How much is the divination money?" The physiognomist shook his head and said, "This kind of fruitless divination cannot be paid." Lu Xiaolang couldn't help being stupefied. He had thought that the other party was a swindler who cheated money to make a living. It seemed that he was wrong. Thinking of this, he changed his mind and said, "I want to ask for divination again. The physiognomist nodded and said," OK, what do you want to ask this time? " Lu Xiaolang says: "Still ask a person, it is a man this." The physiognomist crouched down again and fiddled with the money on the bluestone. After a while, the physiognomist stood up and put the money in his sleeve. He said with a smile, "The result of this inquiry has come. You can see him in Luoyang for three days.". "Lu Hsiao-lang didn't believe everything he said, but the physiognomist said he was in Luoyang, so he finally found out the way. He said with a smile," The money for this divination should be calculated as usual. How much is it? " "Not much, not much," said the physiognomist. "Ask for someone and believe in silver." Lu Xiaolang was so stunned that he couldn't speak for a long time. He set a trap to deceive people. It was too outrageous. Who was taking a package of silver to visit the mountains and rivers! When the physiognomist saw that he was in a daze, he said, "This is an old price. Neither the old nor the young are deceived." Lu Xiaolang snorted in his heart and said to me, "It's not expensive, but I don't know if your divination is accurate." The physiognomist pointed to the sign and said, "If it is not accurate, please take off the sign now." Lu Xiaolang said coldly, "But we won't know if it's accurate until three days later,sonicator homogenizer, and three days later.." The physiognomist rolled his eyes and said coldly, "Does the physiognomist say that I am a swindler?" Lu Xiaolang says: 'Good, ask physiognomist to divine my life experience is how? 。 fycgsonic.com

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