Tomorrow I will be reborn.
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What could she say if she really had to go to court to testify that day, dryly repeating what she had already said, telling everyone in front of everyone that everything had nothing to do with yuan Xun, that the scissors had never been in yuan Xun's hands, and that the blood on yuan Xun's shirt was smeared by herself? Will anyone believe it? Can you lie in front of so many people and be calm? After sitting in silence for a long time, Tong Yao finally found out the small bag he had been kidnapped that day, opened it, and took out three letters. One of the letters reads: First letter to Tong Yao, 25. Chapter 76 September 17, 2003 Today, I called my mother and said that there was no class today and I would go back for dinner in the evening. My mother promised to cook delicious fish soup for me. I had a political class in the afternoon, and after the class, I could get home in the evening. But I felt as if something was going to happen at home, and my heart was pounding, so I should skip class and go home immediately. Perhaps it was so old that the handwriting on it was a little blurred. But Tong Yao clearly knew that this was the letter she wrote to herself when she was reborn in 2003. This shows that rebirth is true, indeed it is true. Those doubts in the past, those indescribable doubts, are really just coincidences. She lowered her head and carefully re-read the letter. She wanted to remember the contents of the letter, and she wanted to remember it in her dreams. Maybe in this way, she can be reborn to September 17, 2003 and return to that moment. She hoped that she could change all this, help the present yuan Xun, and let yuan Xun not be discredited because of this matter. Of course, I hope that, one in ten thousand, she can change her mother's fate. With this in mind, she went to the bed and prepared to lie down and sleep. But the moment she lay down, she remembered something. Medicine. She remembered that before yuan Xun always let her take medicine, she did not like to eat, but yuan Xun forced her to eat. Take medicine, dream,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, rebirth.. In the dark, there seems to be some connection. Devilishly, Tong Yao went to the table, took out a medicine bottle, poured a glass of water, and took it. No matter what the opportunity of rebirth is, she hopes to have another chance to be reborn on the afternoon of September 17, 2003. The sun was shining on her, and she was sweating. There is a loud sound of cicadas in my ears. Tong Yao held her head and stood under the wall with difficulty. Her consciousness was blurred for a moment, not knowing who she was and what to do. When the memory came back, she raised her face and carefully identified everything around her. It belongs to the old house in 2003, the dilapidated shopping mall in 2003, and the red banner of the college entrance examination at the age of 18. She was really reborn, reborn to that moment. When she realized it, her heart missed a beat. Mom, mom! She had never dared to have any hope, small geared motors ,micro gear motor, but at this moment, she was eager to see her mother. She can save won-Hoon, and she can save mom, right? She tried to look at the time, but there was no watch on her wrist and no mobile phone on her body. How could she know what time it was? Look at the sun, is it already three or four o'clock in the afternoon? Thinking of this possibility, she suddenly panicked and hurried home. Running on the asphalt road, her feet hurt, so she wanted to stop a taxi, but there was not even a car around? Her chest began to boil. This is a rebirth, the only chance ah, perhaps only a very short chance, must rush home ah! With all the strength she had in her life, she covered her burning throat and took one step after another mechanically, running desperately in the direction of home. Also do not know how long, she ran to the community, ran into the corridor, into the door, she desperately beat the door, but found that the door was not locked. She rushed in excitedly, and the scene in front of her made her blood freeze. The floor was almost red, and there was a big pool of blood. Mom, on the other hand, was lying in a pool of blood. Beside his mother, Hara Hoon, 22, was holding a pair of bloody scissors and got up as if to do something. Seeing Tong Yao come in, yuan Xun looked shocked. "Yaoyao!" Tong Yao glanced at the young yuan Xun and threw herself directly in front of her mother. Me, my mother.. Why, how's it going? Pale, she asked, panting. She- "Young yuan Xun seemed not to know what to say.". Tong Yao knelt in a pool of blood, staring eagerly at her mother, but saw blood flowing from her mother's chest. She knew that her mother could not live, and she still could not live. In fact, the so-called rebirth can not change what has happened in essence! "Mom, I'm sorry I'm late again." She still can only watch her mother die, but there is nothing she can do. Yaoyao At this time, Su Wanqiu still had a little consciousness. Mother- "Tong Yao held her mother's hand with tears.". She felt that her mother must have something to say to her. Yaoyao, give you this. With these words, Su Wanqiu used her last strength to hand a page of crumpled paper to Tong Yao: "Yaoyao, live well.." Harahoon.. He will take care of you. After saying this, Su Wanqiu tilted her head. Tong Yao hugged her mother and shed tears of pain. In fact, she had a premonition that even if she came back, she could not change anything, but along the way, she still saved one in ten thousand hopes. Maybe, maybe it will change. Maybe when she is twenty-five years old again, she can see her mother looking at her with a smile! But everything is just a luxury. She has been reborn many times, and her mother's fate has never changed! I do not know how long,12v High Torque Motor, she finally stopped crying, looked down at the arms of her mother gradually cooling, saw the piece of paper falling on her cuff. She held it in her hand and unfolded it to read. It was a letter left by her mother. Maybe it should be called a suicide note. Yaoyao

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