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Ye Fan was alarmed, at the right time, the real body stepped on heaven and earth, a foot fell, shattered the big hand, the storm was so great that all the eight wastelands trembled! A supreme battle almost broke out, which made the atmosphere of the universe tense to the extreme. Finally, the supreme forbearance, put down a word, see you on the flying fairy star! And it was in this terrible conflict that people learned that the Flying Fairy Star would mutate, and after hundreds of years, perhaps there would be an opportunity to trigger the birth of the ancient Supreme. Shi Huang, are you still alive?! Ye Fan's eyes were cold at that time, and he sensed the breath of another person from that person-Shi Huang. A hundred years after the storm, Ye Fan stood at the forefront of the Holy Eucharist. He was not afraid to fight with the Archaic Emperor, but he had to prepare for it. An earth-shaking war might really be coming. On the Flying Fairy Star, the central seal is cracked, and there are all kinds of flying fairy lights. The rosy clouds reflect the human world, and the great atmosphere of the Fairy Land can be seen faintly. Will the magic earth sealed in the mythological era be an opportunity to become an immortal? "Legend has it that an immortal once came to the Flying Immortal Star and suppressed several great demons. Is it going to be born this time?" One wave is not flat, another wave is rising. When Ye Fan has been planted for thousands of years, Feixian Star has changed, which has aroused the attention of the powerful families of the major galaxies, and the forbidden zone is not quiet. Golden Age, hey, ha ha. Some people laugh sadly, the so-called kings rise together, the arrival of the golden world,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, is really a kind of irony, ah, this is less than a thousand years, the Supreme will be born again? "There will be a golden world, and it will come in thousands of years. There will be a grand scene of competition among hundreds of competitors. In the end, they will compete for the main road and compete at the peak. Those who become emperors will appear in future generations." It was predicted. And this time, the Supreme will be born again, who will care about his thousands of years later, after a turmoil can see the immortal? (To be continued) Chapter 1755 of the main text, the road is broken. Chapter 1755 the road is broken. Ye Fan lectured on the Dharma,Brushless Gear Motor, expounded the true meaning of the various roads existing between heaven and earth, and explained many wonderful principles, which made many people feel enlightened and thoroughly understood. For seven days, Ye Fan sat on the cliff, where the Taoist platform gave off precious splendor, while he looked solemn, like a Buddha and a great demon. The sound of chanting resounded through the sky and on the ground, making people sink and unable to extricate themselves. One after another Taoist lotuses grow in the void, glittering petals fall from the sky, divine springs gurgle on the earth, and the whole Jade Pool is full of splendor, submerged by the vast Taoist spirit. All those who come here to listen to the scriptures have gained something, and those who have gained a great deal have an ethereal mind, a direct enlightenment, and a breakthrough to another realm. Those who have gained little have also comprehended the secret arts, sutras and so on, and have deepened their understanding. This accumulation is of great benefit to their future practice. This is the practice of Dacheng Eucharist. After preaching for several days, a large group of people broke through. It was a worthwhile trip. Many people from outside the world rushed to the place and crowded the open space outside the Jade Pool. People can not help but sigh, Ye Fan's realm is not what they can look up to, Micro Gear Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, it is really high above, similar to the ancient emperor, has become a mythological level of strong, can push the universe horizontally, longitudinal step one hundred thousand years. At the end of the seventh day, Ye Fan stopped lecturing, and a group of people came forward to meet him. Looking at the familiar faces and the awed eyes, he knew that the years had passed, some things had changed, and it was difficult to go back to the past. Even the prince of Daxia and the former friends such as Yaochi Saint were very close to him, which was enough to explain the problem. He did not deliberately correct and change, and still clink glasses with them as in the past. It was not until a long time passed that some old friends relaxed and no longer had so much pressure on his identity and cultivation. The demon moon came, laughing, and together with Prince Daxia, he poured wine into Ye Fan. Of course, other people who have met several times and are not too familiar with each other are not so open, sitting upright, cautious and cautious. Phoenix, on the other hand, left directly and did not come forward to meet him. Brother Ye, are you going back now? How about a few more days? The demon moon is empty to retain. Ye Fan drank up the wine in his cup and said, "Are you still outside with me? If you really want to see me, go to heaven. The door is open for you at any time. Brothers who have fought side by side don't need this." Finally, he said something like this directly. "Well, we are hypocritical. No matter what, you are our brother Ye. Even if you surpass Tianzun in the future, it will be hard to change the years when you once went through the Eastern Wilderness with us. Good brothers will never forget each other." "Brother, if so, we will definitely go to heaven, and we may stay there." The demon moon sky and Daxia Prince Xia Yiming laughed, drunk and hazy, as if they had returned to their youth, once crossed the Eastern Wilderness and Zhongzhou, gambling stone wars in the Northern Divine City, and so on, which are still unforgettable. Brother Ye, this time you are so powerful that you have destroyed a forbidden zone. The influence is too great. You should be careful yourself. I think the other forbidden places will be particularly afraid of you, and maybe there will be some backhand to deal with you. Said the saint of the Jade Pool. Don't worry, they won't dare for at least eight thousand years! Ye Fan said here, the eye light burst, the astonishing beam of light sweeps to the distant several big forbidden areas. Senior Ye, after you leave, will they come out, for example. How many people are in the restricted area? A young man asked timidly. Yes, uncle, my mother died in the dark turmoil, and one of my uncles was killed by such a man not long ago. Princess Yudie's child, the porcelain doll, has grown up, and now she wants to cry. This child is amazing. She has long been a hero in the Beidou, but now she is really no match for the forbidden zone. She has no good feelings for the forbidden zone and can be called abhorrent. In the past, Ye Fan was deeply impressed by the aptitude of two of the younger generation in the Big Dipper domain. One was a novice monk in Ximo, and the other was a porcelain doll. They had the wisdom of cultivation that ordinary people could not reach. Don't worry, I won't let them make trouble. Ye Fan had already got up and stood on the cliff with a sound wave, not very high, but sweeping the whole ancient star. "If a man in the Forbidden Zone dares to come out and make trouble, I will kill him with my sword." These words are not so high-pitched, can be said to be very calm, but it shocked everywhere,Gear Reduction Motor, this is a declaration, but also a warning, Ye Fan for several forbidden zones and laid down the rules. Bully people too much! 。

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