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Jiang Shaoxu never thought that the person who would spare no effort to save his life would be Mu Ningxue. In fact, in the process of moving forward, Jiang Shaoxu was not very used to Mu Ningxue's style of the Virgin Mary Ice Lotus, and also satirized a few words. Now, instead, she felt a little guilty. Jiang Shaoxu is not stupid, Mu Ning snow Shi display beyond their own realm of power, mostly will damage their own, and even turbulence to the soul, incurable, she in that case decisive action, it shows that her heart does not contain any impurities. Sure enough, after the ice crystal brake bow overbearing, bite back immediately hit, in the face of Jiang Shaoxu's thanks, she seems to be unable to say a word of impoliteness,Small Geared Motors, the whole person is also frozen in general, the body is cold to the extreme. Jiang Shaoxu and Nan Rongni hurriedly supported her. In Zhao Manyan's view, Mu Ningxue's condition this time was much better than when he was in the barren city of Jinlin. That time, he fainted directly and fell unconscious. How can he stand safely this time. I just don't know what the cost of this arrow is? 10 Chapter 812 Contracting Block (I) Updated: 2016-07-14 10:12:13 Words: 2344 Near the high embankment of Donghai City, a towering columned building stands out, even several blocks away, it still feels like it is shrouded in the towering of this stone summer. 0 The Guofu team arrived here and followed the guide to find the person who received them. The receptionist,brushless gear motor, an administrator of the Magical Society, led the group to a 400-square-meter suite with more than a dozen rooms for them to choose from. The wounded went to rest first, and the others were in the most central hall of the suite. The sharp-gilled man, who looked to be in his early thirties, had special eyes. His eyes would always sweep over the bodies of several girls in the team intentionally or unintentionally. He seemed to have a special love for long legs, and his eyes would go down, which made him look more like a color mouse. The man's appearance is not good, but judging from the badge hanging on his chest, he should belong to the kind of position that is not low in the magic association. [Http://www.pan58.com] 58 Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. This house is charged. If you don't have money, gear reduction motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, you can pay with demon gall. Anyway, few of the mages who come to Donghai City don't take their lives to make a windfall. But you are also unlucky. You just came here and ran into a demon attack. Oh, oh, it's not bad luck. I heard that there were two commanding creatures in the 19th or 13th block. You are very lucky that you are not there. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lai Hengbao. I am responsible for the reception and review of Chinese hunters in Donghai City. The man glanced at Nan Jue. Nan Jue had the longest legs, so he didn't take his eyes off her legs. Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're.. Jiang Yu found that the man's attitude was abnormal and hurried to explain. Your name is Jiang Yu? Lai Hengbao took a piece of information and asked. Jiang Yu nodded his head. Are you Nan Jue? "Lai Heng-pao glanced at Nan Jue this time." Yes "That's right.". Alas, don't tell me that you are the top hunter team in China, the excellent combination of mages, the honor you have won, and the demon you have killed. The Chinese mages who come to Donghai City are basically received by me. If you want to become a block team in Donghai Fortress City, you should honestly do what I want to say next, or the magic association in Japan will review it. Strict several times, don't end up being sent back by others who think they are too weak. Lai Hengbao said impatiently. Block team? Everyone looked at each other and didn't know what to say for a moment. What kind of plane are the instructors doing? Didn't they say that they had experienced here in Donghai City? How could they send a guy who didn't even know their specific identity to greet them? Damn it, are you here to travel? Don't joke with me. I'm pressed for time. I won't say it again. Donghaicheng Fortress City is divided into thirty-two blocks, each of which has about thirty narrow roads, six wide roads and one main street. Each of the 32 blocks has a governor, who receives a monthly guardian fund issued by the Japanese government and the World Magic Association, all of which is in the charge of the district owner, who is in his own pocket, cultivates his own mage forces, or invites hunters and hired mages, as long as the block can destroy the sirens in time when the tide rises. The rest of the money belongs to the district owner. Lai Hengbao said. As for me, I am responsible for providing a team of Dharma Masters to all the district owners who need to hire people, mainly for us Chinese.. Didn't your agent in China tell you this? After listening to what Lai Hengbao said, they immediately had a feeling of being sold here as a slave. Does the tutor dare to be more unreliable? Jiang Shaoxu couldn't help saying. And the intermediary.. It's like we really came here to work. Jiang Yu also has a depressed face. Alas, it was mostly arranged by the tutor on purpose, hoping that our experience would be more real. Everyone was not stupid, and they soon understood what was going on. They did come here to be received, but they did not come here to experience as members of the government, but seemed to have signed a contract of sale for a team to work here as coolies! Jiang Yu knew that the matter had become a foregone conclusion, and it was meaningless to put it bluntly. He said to Lai Hengbao with a wry smile, "What about the wages?" "Damn it, what do you mean by that? The money has already been paid to your leader. Knowing how difficult it is for me to bring your third-rate domestic teams without resumes, medals and qualifications to Donghai City, is it difficult to give less?" "Lai Heng?" He stared. "When it comes to money, he doesn't even look at women's thighs. He stares at Jiang Yu." Oh,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, oh, what he means is, who owns the demon gall obtained in the process of guarding Donghai City? Nan Jue got into the play very quickly. ichgearmotor.com

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