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"Princess, this map is the map of the Wacabu Army captured by the King of Chengyang.". And this thicker line is the route taken by the king of Chengyang when he went deep into the enemy camp. Will have ordered people at the end of this way, all the way to the hinterland of Waci to find, but nothing. And these days, the end will also follow this route, toward the east, west two directions, each sent ten teams of people to continue to search, so far is still nothing! In the eyes of the old general, the king of Chengyang should be dead, if captured, Waci will never miss this opportunity to negotiate with Wu, but Waci killed two tribal leaders, but has not been negotiating with Wu, it proves that the king of Chengyang did not fall into their hands. That is to say, it has not fallen into the enemy's hands, and its whereabouts are still unknown, the only possibility is that the person has died. But the body hasn't been found yet. Screen morning snow carefully looked at the map in front of us, this is not a map with GPS positioning, the drawing can not be more simple, so if you want to see what from this map, screen morning snow but also careful analysis, even with a bit of luck in the element. Old general, do you think there is such a possibility? After the king of Chengyang assassinated the two tribal leaders of Waci, he was cut off and hunted all the way. Therefore, in order to avoid these pursuers and confuse the other side, the king of Chengyang would not flee in the direction of the Wu army camp, but would go deeper into the interior of Waci, and then go east from here,24v Gear Motor, through the continuous mountains, and then turn south from the river back to the camp. This can also explain why the king of Chengyang has not been able to contact with the army, because he should still be in the mountains now! This is only Mu Chenxue's guess, because she thinks of herself as Nangong Shumo. If she was being chased and intercepted, she would not run to a place where there were many pursuers, but would do the opposite. That's why there is such speculation. General Cheng did not think so, but he did not feel that the king of Chengyang was still alive, so although he thought of it, he did not send reinforcements. Hearing what Princess Chengyang said at this time, I also thought it was very possible. Will also feel at the end of this possibility,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but from this mountain range to our army camp, there are more than ten exits, I don't know which one the king of Chengyang will choose? There are more than ten exits, and there are hundreds or thousands of mountain roads connecting the exits. If you make the wrong choice, I am afraid that if you are not saved, you will be trapped in the mountains. And this mountain range is in the territory of Waci. Slightly not very, people did not save, may be the whole army, now general Cheng old as an army commander in chief, can't in order to save one person and hand two hundred thousand troops, in danger. If the old general thinks it's possible, please send me two thousand men! The curtain of morning snow could see that the old general's face was embarrassed. She didn't want much. Two thousand people were enough. This is to search for people in the mountains, not to save people on the ground. Originally, the more people, the better, but fewer people also have the advantage of fewer people, so it is not easy to be found by the enemy. Chapter 349, persuade and help each other. Speeding all the way, Mu Chenxue and his party arrived at the border in only twelve days. After a short rest, with the help of General Cheng, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, Mu Chenxue already knew the general direction of the disappearance of Nangong Shumo. Through his own judgment and guess, he determined the plan of search and rescue. But she didn't have enough men now, so she asked General Cheng to lend her two thousand men. Absolutely not, the princess is the body of a daughter, how can it be easy to take risks. Ask the princess to believe at the end, this sends a person to search! Cheng old general how dare to let ChengYang princess to search and rescue, in case ChengYang king didn't save back, ChengYang princess was killed or captured by the enemy, it will be the shame of Wu, but also his incompetence as a commander in chief. Moreover, Princess Chengyang is the daughter-in-law of the emperor and the younger brother and sister of the prince. When Princess Chengyang came to the border, she took the token of the prince, and the bodyguards around her were the people in the east palace of the prince, so we can see that the prince attached great importance to Chengyang Wangfu. Therefore, he absolutely did not dare to agree to the request of Princess Chengyang. Listen to me, old general. I have learned medicine since I was a child, and I am not an ordinary woman who has no strength to tie a chicken. Although I am not fully sure that I can find the King of Chengyang, I can guarantee my own safety. And even if the old general does not lend me troops, I will set out with these guards tomorrow morning. I'm afraid I won't even have a chance to survive! The old general Cheng is upright, but he is also the kind of person who holds the outmoded. For the old general's scruples, curtain morning snow can understand, but she has come to the border, will not return without success, empty-handed. Even if you can't find someone, at least you have to know whether he is alive or dead. Chengyang princess has said the words, no one knows the princess's determination better than Baoru, so he knelt down directly to the old general, "General, the princess has always been unswerving and determined.". Now if the princess dares to come to the border alone to look for Wang Ye, she won't just sit in the camp and wait for news. So the maidservant is willing to ask the old general to help. The maidservant will escort the princess back to the camp safely with her life. Bao Ru is just a slave, the master speaks, there is no place for her to interrupt, but she is also impatient, although she knows that her words have no weight, but still stand out. Baoru, stand down! Mu Chenxue knew that Baoru was for her own good, but the person he was facing was an old general, who, as Baoru, should not have opened his mouth at all. Also ask the old general to understand, my maidservant was the bodyguard of the king of Chengyang, and then followed me, she is also worried about the master, this offended the old general, also ask the old general to understand her, from punishment! Even if Chengyang princess did not have this please, Cheng old general will not really punish her side of the maidservant, this beat the dog also depends on the master, not to mention Chengyang princess has said to this. Dare not, will know at the end of the city Yang princess impatient, this slave is also loyal, naturally no blame. Just ChengYang princess please, the end will be difficult to accept. Even if the end will be willing to promise, but the princess has no military command, no military position plus body, how can two thousand troops listen to your command! Want to know today's garrison, can be a battlefield, the rest of life, how willing to listen to a woman's command. Cheng old general only worry, this person he lent out, but once left the camp, this will be in the foreign military orders are not accepted, this will not listen to orders,Planetary Gear Motor, but will hinder the decision of the princess of Chengyang. As long as the old general is willing to lend me troops, the others dare not work! As long as there are people, she has plenty of ways to make these people do what they want.

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